03.31.20 | Ep. 402 Lindsey Roy | Hallmark Chief Marketing Officer

Lindsey Roy began working at Hallmark in 2000 and continues to work for the legendary Kansas City company, refusing to let a life changing moment deter her career. Lindsey shares her personal story of overcoming adversity with Joel in an episode everyone can take inspiration from.

From Lindsey's Website:

Lindsey Roy is a brilliant storyteller with a captivating story.

"A tragic boating accident while on vacation almost claimed Lindsey┬╣s life and left her with an amputated left leg, severely injured right leg and injured right arm. Through a challenging recovery process, Lindsey learned impactful lessons on how to harness disruption and find clarity in the chaos. A fresh voice on the speaking circuit, Lindsey has been heralded for her authentic style and universal message. Lindsey Roy has spent over eighteen years in the corporate environment, leading teams in innovation, digital development and product merchandising. She was named Vice-President at Hallmark Cards at just thirty-two years old, one of the youngest VPs ever in a company with over a 100-year history and in the top 1% of brands worldwide. Lindsey Roy combines her unique life experience, corporate background and emotional intelligence to truly connect with audiences."

In this episode there is absolutely some strong wisdom provided by Lindsey in regards to overcoming adversity, mental strength, leadership style, and life principals. I encourage you to check out Lindsey on her website at www.lindseyroy.com as well as her Ted Talk on YouTube at https://youtu.be/IUw8z7laPuI

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