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Joel began dreaming of a career as a sportscaster at a young age, always wanting to deliver news of the previous night’s game to his grade school teachers.

He’s spent more than a quarter century on television, relying on relationship building to tell athletes’ stories. Joel’s unique access enables him to share lessons learned from the baseball field to the board room as a motivational speaker and to homes everywhere through his business podcast.




From star athletes and CEOs to the role players needed in every organization, Joel's purpose is to tell everyone's story in a genuine way.

Work Ethic

Life will throw anyone curve balls, but Joel believes in controlling the controllable, always doing the little things and working hard.


Teams in sports, business or any profession function best when leaders focus on their people. 


Why do we do what we do? Finding passion and a reason for doing the little things can unlock big results.


Joel always sees the glass as half full, if not overflowing, and knows energy-givers help provide the ingredients to any success story. 

Joel’s Story

The Man Behind the Microphone

Joel Goldberg broke into the sports broadcasting scene by knocking on the doors of television stations, cold calling broadcast executives and handing out resume tapes in the 1990s.

His career was never handed to him, but rather was a product of building connection, mixed with hard work and dedication from a young age. Joel has worked in four markets during a 25+ year career, covering two World Series Championship teams and thousands of baseball games—not to mention multiple Super Bowls, NHL playoffs and NCAA March Madness basketball games.

He has had the pleasure of interviewing countless athletes, Hall of Famers and celebrities while traveling the world, telling stories from famous stars to under-the-radar role players.

His longtime job of covering the Kansas City Royals as a host and reporter is a privilege, enabling him to entertain, inform and connect athletes with fans. Through his years of storytelling and watching championship organizations succeed (and fail), he realized his access to methods executives use to build culture and championship teams translated to the corporate  world.

Topics like trust, communication, purpose, persistence and mentorship apply to the world of sports, business and life. Joel weaves them all together through his locker room experiences. Plus, he keeps tabs on the business world through numerous conversations with business leaders on his podcast.

Hiring Joel

01. Reach Out

The Joel Goldberg Media team cultivates content based on specific needs to address any audience’s weak spots and longterm goals from a library of hundreds of personalized stories.

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02. Experience

Joel’s presentations include a thought-provoking series of intertwined stories from the sports and business world that relate to every day life and all professions, aimed to entertain and provide a unique perspective.

03. Afterwards

For years afterward, attendees often recount lessons learned from Joel’s speeches, citing the power of effective storytelling in inspiring longterm change and meaningful action.

Who Joel works with

Joel’s experience has proven helpful to folks in a variety of professions and organizations.



Small Businesses

Educational Institutions


(including MC-ing/facilitating)

Sports Teams

Joel’s Main Projects

Small Ball Big Results

Small Ball Big Results is about the little things that add up to the big wins in baseball, business and life.

Leaders and team players alike will draw vital lessons from stories that transport you from the baseball field to the board room, revealing what it takes to build an unbeatable culture.Joel shares tales of perseverance, patience, grit and gratitude from soldiers, executives, entrepreneurs, baseball players and many more incredible people.

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Joel’s blogs recap his regular content and a monthly newsletter captures top podcast highlights, home run interviews, updates on a personal and professional level and words of inspiration.

It’s all delivered in a concise and easy read, full of video and audio links.



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