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Small Ball Big Results is about the little things that add up to the big wins in baseball, business and life.

Leaders and team players alike will draw vital lessons from stories that transport you from the baseball field to the board room, revealing what it takes to build an unbeatable culture.

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Emmy award winning sports broadcaster Joel Goldberg shares tales of perseverance, patience, grit and gratitude from soldiers, executives, entrepreneurs, baseball players and many more incredible people.

The essence of a strong culture shines through with chapters like “Purpose,” “Trust,” “Do the Right Thing” and “Every Role Matters.”

Structured like a baseball game—including extra innings and pre- and post-game shows—Joel is an unending well of stories that will make you laugh, cry, and most importantly, take action in your own life or business.

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Joel’s Story

Who is Joel Goldberg?

Joel Goldberg broke into the sports broadcasting scene by knocking on the doors of television stations, cold calling broadcast executives and handing out resume tapes in the 1990s.

His career was never handed to him, but rather was a product of building connection, mixed with hard work and dedication from a young age. Joel has worked in four markets during a 25+ year career, covering two World Series Championship teams and thousands of baseball games—not to mention multiple Super Bowls, NHL playoffs and NCAA March Madness basketball games.

He has had the pleasure of interviewing countless athletes, Hall of Famers and celebrities while traveling the world, telling stories from famous stars to under-the-radar role players.

His longtime job of covering the Kansas City Royals as a host and reporter is a privilege, enabling him to entertain, inform and connect athletes with fans. Through his years of storytelling and watching championship organizations succeed (and fail), he realized his access to methods executives use to build culture and championship teams translated to the corporate  world.

Topics like trust, communication, purpose, persistence and mentorship apply to the world of sports, business and life. Joel weaves them all together through his locker room experiences. Plus, he keeps tabs on the business world through numerous conversations with business leaders on his podcast.


for Small Ball Big Results

Joel has always been a great broadcaster and storyteller, and I know this book will continue to prove that!

Alex Gordon

Eight-Time Gold Glove Winner,
Kansas City Royals 2007-2020

I know that you will be inspired and encouraged when you lean in and hear these Small Ball stories. Once you read one, you’ll be eager to hear Joel tell you the next one!

Susana Eshelman

President and CEO,
Children International

Using metaphors from baseball and learnings from sport and business, Joel covers the topics most relevant to leaders today—being guided by purpose, building trust, the importance of talent, dealing with the uncertain and unexpected, and what it means to do the right thing, just to name a few.

Jeff Jones

H&R Block

"Joel did a fantastic job speaking for our organization and we highly recommend him to anyone who's looking to develop a winning culture within their company."

Jim H.

"You were amazing! The connection between your experiences with baseball and the challenges many sales organizations are facing in these challenging times was truly inspirational. My team referenced your speech and quoted you often over the next few days of meetings. Thanks for delivering exactly what we needed!"

Scott N.

ATI Nursing Education

"This is great!! I am with ATI 's sister company, NHA, and I also had the pleasure of hearing you speak a few years back at Cristo Rey High School... Thanks for inspiring us all!"

Connie S.

"Your message transcends sports without a doubt, and I have yet to find someone better at getting their guests/audience engaged in a story as well as you 🔥."

Cody I.

"I have always enjoyed your presentations, Joel. Keep up the great work, especially for us non-sports fans."

Ralph M.

"Great story teller who truly gets it when it comes to demonstrating the power businesses can wield if they have a strong, unwavering, championship caliber culture to guide them."

Ron R.

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