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Putting panelists at ease

How do you moderate a panel discussion? By facilitating meaningful discussions—one of Joel’s sweet spots.

 A career of talking to athletes, coaches, politicians and executives on any topic you can imagine is a skill Joel has mastered over the last 25+ years. Whether on television, on stage in front of an audience, or virtually, Joel’s goal is always to draw the natural personality of interviewees and panelists while always ensuring his subjects are comfortable.

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Why book Joe to moderate a panel?

Expert Facilitation

Joel believes in using a list of relevant topics over scripted questions, finding flexibility and listening leads to a back and forth conversation that are easier to follow for audiences.

Why book Joe to moderate a panel?

Personal Touch

Connecting with panelists and getting to know them on a personal level makes for a more genuine conversation instead of a formal interview.

Why book Joe to moderate a panel?

Comfort Zone

Joel believes, as moderator and interview, that he has a responsibility to bring the best out in his guests. He strives to provide a warm and pleasant experience for everyone.

What to Expect 

01. Book Consultation Call with Joel to discuss Organization Needs

With a thorough consultation process, our team can determine the best possible approach.

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02. Joel delivers customizable Keynote Presentation to your Organization

With the information provided during the consultation, Joel will be armed to give a presentation that will engage the audience and instill valuable lessons.

03. Change and Growth begin to take place for you and your teams

The impacts of a keynote speech by Joel Goldberg will transform your team or organization and prepare them for success.

Joel’s Story

How it Began

Joel began dreaming of a career as a sportscaster at a young age, always wanting to deliver news of the previous night’s game to his grade school teachers.

He’s spent more than a quarter century on television, relying on relationship-building to tell athletes’ stories. Joel’s unique access enables him to share lessons learned from the baseball field to the board room as a motivational speaker and to homes everywhere through his business podcast.

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Whatever your panel is trying to achieve, we can achieve it together through Joe’s thoughtful guidance and personable demeanor. Book Joel now to get started.

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