12.23.20 | Ep. 534 Berta Medina | Keynote Speaker, Author, Professional Certified Coach

Berta Medina

Berta Medina is an eternal optimist who believes in the power of generosity and is passionate about sharing her message that dreamers truly succeed! She left a 28-year career in title insurance after a life changing mission trip where she climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro. Berta helps businesses and individuals connect genuinely, give generously, and reach a level of success and fulfillment. Berta is a speaker, coach, author, and host of a podcast. As the founder of Dreamers Succeed, Berta believes that once the seed of a dream has been planted they have what they need in order to achieve it.

  • 3:07 - How important is energy for Berta
  • 4:45 - How did Berta come up to pivot after her very successful career
  • 8:15 - How difficult is finding that next passion
  • 12:05 - What scares Berta
  • 18:56 - Biggest home run that Berta hit
  • 19:29 - The swing and misses of Berta
  • 22:04 - Little things that add up to the big things of Berta
  • 24:04 - What is Berta’s favorite or most impactful book for 2020
  • 26:04 - What is it in the cuban food and the culture of it
  • 28:25 - The most impactful moment of Berta in climbing mount Kilimanjaro
  • 32:16 - Top bucket list of Berta
  • 34:19 - How Berta ends the year

Quotes from this Episode:

“If there’s no a certain degree of fear involved, what’s the point?” —Berta Medina

“I feared but I'll never not try to venture the limitations beyond that fear.” —Berta Medina

“It’s the consistency and the follow through that makes all the difference. ” —Berta Medina

3 Pearls of Wisdom:

“Fear ceases to exist the minute that you face it.”

“The trick is dare to face up fear, overcome it, get through it and move on to the next thing.”

“Being consistent about those things that you know are keeping you in the right space to be able to succeed.”

Discover more about Berta’s works on her website bertamedina.com. You can also follow him on LinkedIn.

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