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What’s the Biggest Home Run You’ve Hit in Your Career?

Success / March 9, 2022

Each week on Rounding the Bases, I get the opportunity to interview business leaders, athletes and everyone in between. No two experiences are alike, but each conversation tells a significant story that provides an enlightening lesson. Now I’m Keeping the Score with a single, double, triple and home run. Read on for this week’s hits as we round the bases.

Single – A Recruitment Revival

Life after prison should not feel like still being in prison. Na’im Al-Amin took his own post-incarceration experience and recreated a traditional recruitment model helping inmates transition back into civilian life. From once being incarcerated to the leader of a movement shifting employer mentalities to hire all qualified individuals. Na’im is giving people a second chance at their life, proving that your past does not need to determine your future.

Double – You Are Not Your Job

Federal judge, the Honorable Brian C. Wimes, recently joined the podcast to talk about the gravity of his appointment. He makes a ruling every day that impacts someone’s life. And of course, he makes his decisions with the diligence and seriousness they deserve. But at the end of the day, it’s a job. Whatever your profession, remember not to take yourself too seriously.

Triple – The Ageless Principle

Ebony Reed is an example of the ways hard work and pursuing your dream can help build early success in one’s career. Ebony was tasked with a major assignment as a young journalist. And by building relationships with her sources, she was able to achieve more than anyone expected. Her story is a testament to the power of partnership and how much more we can accomplish with a relationship built on trust.

Home Run – “Marketing to Millennials”

A defining leadership moment for Jeff King came shortly after he became the CEO of Barkley. When faced with the impending loss of a significant client, he made the radical decision to commit to researching a then-unknown demographic known as millennials. The results – and subsequent market education – put Barkley on the map as the expert in connecting brands to consumer groups. Jeff’s story exemplifies the power of redirecting a loss into a successful home run.

Four guests and four valuable lessons learned. Now I want to hear from you. What’s the biggest home run you’ve hit in your career? Share in the comments below.