Believe in concept of mind body and spirit and need put time into all three.  Stay active, business, keep mind engaged and do spiritually what you want to do 

Grandfather started company in 1924 based on the values he lived by. Set the stage for hard work, giving back to the community and trying to build a business based on integrity and haven’t drifted from that standard. 

Values are everything. Values and culture within an organization and those have changed a little bit. Different terms, names but value on the individual, work ethic and giving back to the community been consistent since 1924


1974 Dad and his brother had a buyout. Local company, $30M business. Terry started in 1974 and they employed a number of sergeants from WWII as superintendents.  Transition in 80s as he moved into senior executive role. $80M company then and aspirations of needing to grow.  1985 through 2000 put business plan on place to become a billion dollar business. 

Became CEO in 1989 for 25 years and believed in concept of servant leadership. Work as team. Building that philosophy.  

As CEO, made mistakes but need to stay at 30,000 feet and keep antanae out to know what’s going on and anticipate and think at least 6 steps ahead. Constantly taking in information, learning, filtering, knowing what and when it will take place. Having a good feel for timing.  

Learned from lot of sources including his wife. Numerous mentors. Learning and listening and learning from mistakes. Finding out how to bounce back. Picking the right mentors. Respecting and learning and thanking them. 


Person in executive position, it’s 90% listening, 10% talking.  You learn by listening and from quiet period of reflection.  Typically when you are talking you are not learning, you are sharing so he’s a student of learning, being able to assess, understanding people and what motivates them and working with them to hopefully focus them in the right direction 

Everyone needs to develop a skill set in leadership. Some people it comes more naturally. Take approach that you mentor where need to mentor and allow people to lead where they can lead. Develop relationship at unique level. 

Believer in soul and spirituality, connectivity within a teaming relationship. Family, religion or work. Everyone should have opportunity to lead but need to come together as a team to achieve common objectives 

 Letting people go is toughest because look at self, what did I screw up. Sleep on it a night. Always believe let people go on your time, not their time. Always been difficult. 2008 economic crash with banks fading and had billion dollars worth of back log disappear and knew had to reshape the company and had never had a major layoff. That was one of biggest challenges of his life. Those issues are very lonely. 

Small ball in business means working on the fundamentals every day.  You have a value and culture that you build within the company. People will listen but you have to say many more times to reinforce.  Need to take teaching moments and use all the time. 

Culture will  beat strategy every time. 

Good  to have both but want a team that builds chemistry, sum of parts greater than individual that can lead to great success. 



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