06.01.20 | Ep. 411 Sandy Kemper| C2FO

Sandy Kemper is Chairman of the Board and CEO of C2FO, the largest working capital market in the world. 

C2FO is the first working capital market in the world. Their ability to create a seamless match between A/R and A/P has enabled efficiency in the riskless provisioning of working capital between suppliers and buyers, allowing suppliers to take control of their cash flow.

C2FO believes

  • Working capital is water for commerce and it’s as important to business life as water is to biological life. 
  • Risk underwriting of working capital is a relic of the world’s broken credit system and that everyone’s A/P is someone else’s A/R. 
  • Efficient markets are good for business and a marketplace solution for the distribution of working capital has the potential to open the floodgates of liquidity for hundreds of millions of businesses around the world.  

    Kemper is an active angel and venture investor and currently serves on the corporate boards of C2FO, UMB Financial, UMB Bank, NIC and Dwolla. He previously served on the board of AXA Art and the regulatory boards of BATS and CBOE  

    Kemper and his family are active in academic, civic and philanthropic endeavors and Kemper serves on the board of the Agriculture Future of America (AFA), a non-profit scholarship and leadership development organization which he co-founded. Kemper is a Trustee of the Kemper Family Foundations and a Trustee of the Kemper Museum of Art. Kemper co-founded YEPKC, an organization devoted to developing young entrepreneurs. In 2017, the Henry W. Bloch School of Management named Sandy and Christine Kemper its Regional Entrepreneurs of the Year.

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