12.07.20 | Ep. 528 Melissa Vincent | Executive Director at Pipeline Entrepreneurial Fellowship

Melissa Vincent was named Executive Director in January of 2020 of Pipeline Entrepreneurs, a network of high-performing entrepreneurs in the Midwest with access to a national network of experts who share a passion for the Pipeline family. Through Pipeline, entrepreneurs invest in their own professional development, and also give generously of their time, talent and capital to enable them to build global businesses from wherever they choose. Melissa is a long time entrepreneur herself in Oklahoma City and a tech startup founder.

In this episode:

  • 2:15 - Transition of Melissa to start a year
  • 3:10 - world of entrepreneurs always about pivot
  • 4:50 - Entrepreneurial Journey of Melissa
  • 8:15 - Experience of Melissa in Pipeline
  • 13:30 - Opportunity to bay the task
  • 17:00 - Biggest home run that Melissa had hit professionally
  • 17:27 - Biggest swings and misses and what Melissa learned from these
  • 18:51 - Little things that add up to the big things of Melissa
  • 21:13 - Melissa as a sports fan
  • 22:55 - Podcast History of Melissa
  • 23:56 - What is in the Pipeline for Pipeline
  • 24:33 - What excites Melissa right now

Quotes from this Episode:

“You play with all the variables until you figure out what would in a y and you adjust.” —Melissa Vincent

“How much they value the needs of each other. How important that sense of community is. For us in our organization, we want to find ways to get the community more involved because we have the awesome braintrust amazing entrepreneurs.” —Melissa Vincent

“The only way to help continue to grow and to get into the program is by taking the time to step back and give back.” —Melissa Vincent

“Make sure you are offering an agreement in such a way that you’re counting for should you get divorced.” —Melissa Vincent

“Doing the next right thing.” —Melissa Vincent

“If you take what you’ve learned that’s good from this experience and then apply it to whatever normal comes after this then you’re going to be in a much better place.” —Melissa Vincent

3 Pearls of Wisdom:

“The thing you start for you to for, that’s what you’re doing it for”

“Picking the wrong co-founder is like picking the wrong spouse.”

“In the end, you get the right thing done because you focus on the small steps along the way.”

Discover more about Melissa’s works on LinkedIn.

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