04.06.20 | Ep. 403 Josh Levin | Empowered Electric Founder

Josh Levin is one of the more upbeat and energetic entrepreneurs in Kansas City.  He founded Empowered Electric, a local company that focuses on relationships and people.  Josh also hosts a podcast called "Empowered People," shining a light on people contributing to Kansas City.  His company also maintains a heavy social media presence, with more than 14,000 Instagram followers.  The description on their Instagram page tells the story of Josh and his company,  People > Profit

From the Empowered Electric Website: 

Empowered Electric isn’t your typical electric company. Sure we can say that we strive for things like being on time, on budget, and top quality but honestly those things are hardly talked about here. We don’t make them an emphasis because the company wasn’t started with the question, “What if we built a company that strived to be… fill in the above.” No way. There are tons of other electric companies that started with the goal of being the cheapest, the fastest, the prettiest (we would definitely lose that one). Instead, when I started this company in 2015, I quickly asked the question, “What if I cared more about people and less about profit” It’s this question and questions like this that shape how we build our budgets, how we push our schedules, how we handle our customs. No one has to tell you when you have a group of people EMPOWERED to care…. Great things happen.

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