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Making adjustments

Casey Wright: Building the Workforce of Tomorrow – Joel Goldberg Media

Making Adjustments / July 15, 2022

Making adjustments is as critical to your success in business as it is in baseball.

As a keynote speaker, I draw on my years of experience as a sports broadcaster to help teams in the corporate world. I’ve had a front row seat to plenty of curveballs, and if they’ve taught me anything, it’s that when the unexpected comes hurtling towards the plate, you have two choices. Do nothing and take a strike, or adjust and try to get a hit.

Rounding the Bases is my podcast about leadership and culture with a baseball twist. A recent interview focused on making adjustments in business, or as I like to call it, hitting the curve.

making adjustments

I was joined by someone with a passion for introducing good people…to each other, to modern approaches and to perfect-fit workplaces. We’re living through an unprecedented time of hybrid models and turnover. As so many reconsider their professional future, how do they navigate change and find the ideal culture that will enable them to succeed?

The person who knows best is Casey Wright. He’s the visionary Founder and President of Chief of Staff, the Kansas City recruitment firm building the workforce of tomorrow, from entry level to executive. Meeting the challenges of the future means building a business unlike any other. So with proprietary techniques and a team of the best, he’s bringing his industry into the now, building connections that matter for job seekers and creators alike.

SINGLE: The Only Constant is Change

Many people are surprised to learn the pace at which the job market changes. Instead of annually, it can be monthly, weekly or sometimes even daily. Casey was quick to acknowledge that over the course of his sixteen years in the industry, no two days have ever been alike. It’s also one of his favorite things about the work he does. “Every single day is different,” he noted, “and honestly, that’s what keeps me interested.”

DOUBLE: Own Your Luck

Early on in the pandemic, companies weren’t hiring. For a staffing firm where revenue depends on matching job seekers with job creators, that created an unexpected – if not terrifying – situation. But as a believer in creating your own luck, Casey encouraged his team to keep connecting people, even those outside of their typical industry niches. Not because they had a motive, but because it was the right thing to do. By making adjustments to their approach, the company actually earned business. And looking out for people then has paid tremendous dividends now.

TRIPLE: Adjusting To The Times

Little things employers do can make a big impact on the job satisfaction of those who work for them. One trend Casey has noticed gaining momentum in recent years is the relaxing of strict office hours. At many companies, in the past and still to some degree today, if the day begins at 8:00, an 8:02 arrival would mean a reprimand. “You can be in the office and not be getting a lot done,” he said. The focus should be on what you are accomplishing, not the hour of the day you did it. 

HOME RUN: More Than Wins

In the business world, how we are trained to keep score of wins and losses can sometimes be unrealistic. Casey used to get discouraged if he wasn’t able to place someone in their new role, even if it was for a reason entirely beyond his control. But some perspective helped him realize those same people were still referring others to him…because he treated them right during the process. Making adjustments to his measure of success was a game changer. “I can’t place every single person I meet, but I can help 100% of them.”

Listen to the full interview here or tune in to Rounding the Bases every Monday and Thursday, available wherever you get your podcasts.

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