Matt DeCoursey is the founder of Full Scale with Matt Watson.  They co-host the podcast Startup Hustle.

He worked in the music industry before returning to school in his 30s and started business with no money selling concert tickets, funding the company with investments from his friends which turned into a successful business for 8 years.

Built software to go with the ticket business and online scheduling softwares with a company called

Started Full Scale, which was a company of 180 people after one year with millions of dollars of revenue headquartered in Kansas and the Philippines.

Full Scale invests in a number of companies including 

He’s written three books, “Balance Me,” “Million Dollar Bedroom,” and “The Realist’s Guide To A Successful Music Career,” which will come out in late July with co-author Joel Cummins, a member of the band Umphrey’s McGee.


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