AY Young is an entrepreneur, entertainer and activist who was a contestant on the tv show the X-Factor.  He’s performed with Wiz Khalifa, Wyclef Jean and others. 
AY developed technology to power his street performances through solar energy, allowing a more affordable, less noisy alternative to a generator.  With more than one billion people around the world without access to electricity, AY felt his technology could help.  He started a series of concerts called the Battery Tour,  which raise money to purchase these solar powered boxes for villages around the world that need electricity. The tour brings people together as outlets to help save the planet, using the universal language of music and dance to save the world.   
Twitter: @batterytour @AYmusik
IG: @batterytour.  @aymusik
June 7 First Friday.
June 8 Veg Fest in RiverMarket
June 14 KC Museum Free Concert 

Mission can be seen in these videos: 

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