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Build a Stronger Culture

Dr. Kevin Sansberry – Detoxing Toxic Workplaces – Joel Goldberg Media

Culture / July 23, 2022

As a keynote speaker, my talks can be tailored to a number of topics ranging from trust and purpose to mentorship and positivity. One subject I am consistently asked to speak about, though, is how to build a stronger culture.

In order to make anything better, you first have to be able to recognize – or at least accept – your own shortcomings. BattersĀ  modify their swing and pitchers are coached on new ways to throw the ball. When translated to teams in the business world, that can mean looking critically at accepted norms, questioning why they are that way and seeking out opportunities to improve. Change can be hard. And even though it may take some time or trial and error to adjust to a normal, the results will always be worthwhile.

build a stronger culture

Recently on my podcast Rounding the Bases, we pulled back the mask on workplace culture and got real. Helping us do it was the pro of power dynamics whose expertise is as innovative as it is disruptive. Meet Dr. Kevin Sansberry, the behavioral scientist, author and founder of KEVRA: The Culture Company who is leading the movement against toxic workplaces.

With an aptitude for authenticity and research-informed solutions, he’s at the forefront of a cultural revolution. By detoxing organizations and shifting mindsets, he’s improving the practices that help high performance teams cultivate genuine change…no pretense required.

SINGLE: Beating the Odds

In his early days, the chances of success weren’t in Dr. Sansberry’s favor. He was born three months prematurely to a teen mom who lived in an underserved community. “When people say I’m lucky to be here, that’s actually very true for me,” he said. But it doesn’t matter how many opportunities come your way if you can capitalize on the ones that do. Dr. Sansberry earned his elementary education at Academie Lafayette, a French immersion charter school in Kansas City, Missouri. He didn’t realize it at the time, but the early exposure to globally minded thinking and a culturally rich classroom environment laid the framework for the rest of his life.

DOUBLE: A Cultural Revolution

Dr. Sansberry’s expertise has started dialogue around the globe about DEI and how to build a stronger culture. Where’s the proof? In his podcast, The Toxic Leadership Podcast. It features guests from Ireland to India and has listeners in 74 countries. The show focuses on destructive leadership behaviors in the workplace. These are generally considered American-centric issues, but the truth is that they exist in organizations in all corners of the world. He raised the conversation that catalyzed a revolution for better, more equitable workplaces everywhere.

TRIPLE: Hard is Not Impossible

As a culture coach specializing in DEI, Dr. Sansberry regularly helps people identify and overcome biases, oftentimes ones they have had their entire lives. Adults lack the rapid neuroformation that they had as kids. Therefore, helping individuals learn to accept viewpoints that challenge their own beliefs can be difficult. “It’s extremely hard,” he said. “But hard is not impossible.” Clients who want to build a stronger culture need only bring a willingness to grow. Dr. Sansberry provides the research-based training experiences needed to do it.

HOME RUN: A Positive Place to Start

The role of diversity and equity inclusion in workplace culture is an important topic that will only continue to become more prevalent. In fact, Arthur Woods is another recent guest and subject matter expert who offered some impressive statistics to illustrate the importance of diversity to job seekers. You can read about those here. But according to Dr. Sansberry, you need two things to get started, whether on your own or in the workplace. The first is an openness…to expose yourself to new things, to own your opinions and to ask what else could be true. The other is listening to understand, not just to hear. “It’s a perfect foundation for anybody who wants to be a better leader and a better colleague in general,” he said. Who wouldn’t want that?

Listen to the full interview here or tune in to Rounding the Bases every Monday and Thursday, available wherever you get your podcasts.

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