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Being an entrepreneur

Paul Kirch: The Power of Community in Business – Joel Goldberg Media

Relationships / August 19, 2022

One of the greatest things about being an entrepreneur is getting to play by your own rules, but it’s never an individual sport. As a keynote speaker, I get to work with all types of businesses. Without fail, I’m amazed at the unique path that each one took and the relationships that inspired them along the way.

Being a sports broadcaster for the Kansas City Royals puts me in the unique position of getting to share stories about each player’s road to the majors. No two are ever alike, but I’m yet to tell one that doesn’t acknowledge the people who helped them get there.

being an entrepreneur

The common denominator is relationships and the communities they build, which are just as important to success as anything. Enter one recent guest of mine, who is serious about making those relationships fun. He’s a big picture thinker whose success strategies aren’t just proven, they’re supercharging the entrepreneur community. Meet Paul Kirch, podcast host turned founder of the exclusive think tank that’s like rocket fuel for your business.

He calls it BOSS Academy, but most just call it awesome. What began as a simple ambition to bring like-minded professionals together has evolved into a growth acceleration platform that packs a major punch. With a master mind set on collaboration and his own set of rules, he’s facilitating successes one breakthrough at a time, leading his clients from W2 to Working for You.

SINGLE: Early Inspiration 

Small ranch towns like the one Paul grew up in offered great examples of many things. But being an entrepreneur wasn’t one of them. His aunt and uncle motivated him at a young age. And from then on, he knew that running his own business was what he wanted in life. He landed a great job out of college and excelled in it. But he couldn’t help but feel like each step up the corporate ladder was one step further away from his dream.

Forcing circumstance to align with his vision wasn’t a long term fix, but it did allow him time to sharpen – even master – his sales skills. And in 2009, an unexpected acquisition was just what he needed to leave his old career behind and finally pursue the one he was meant for. “Instantly I was thrown into a role where I could be creative, I could give back, I could serve and I could make a difference,” he said. “It’s been an incredible journey and one that’s led me to some amazing places.”

DOUBLE: Entry Level Entrepreneur

Paul never could have imagined that his decision to attend a networking event would become a defining event in his career. The speaker that day was a subject matter expect…maybe a little too expert for the audience’s skill level. During the Q&A, Paul was quick to help some peers articulate their questions and confusion. This got the attention of the event’s keynote, who happened to be the General Manager of a radio station in nearby Dallas.

She graciously gave him the floor, a business card and an invitation to make a guest appearance on her show. Within a week, it turned into an invitation to host his own. He called it BOSS Academy Radio. And although the drive time opportunity was incredible, his clients were in New York and California, not the Texas market he was reaching. The solution? Podcasts. So he made the pivot and within two years, had a Top 10 business program.

TRIPLE: Golden Hour 

“It used to be, if you build it, they will come. But it doesn’t really work that way anymore,” Paul noted during our interview. He explained that the response your content receives within its first hour on social media is critical. This is the window of opportunity when algorithms determine how much exposure it will get. To make the dynamic work for – not against – him, Paul and the community at BOSS Academy have one simple tactic. They like and comment on each others content to earn them earn more traffic…and more algorithm exposure. It’s an intentional act of support that not only breaks through saturation, but lifts each other up along the way.

HOME RUN: The Zone of Excellence

One of the challenges of being an entrepreneur is finding a way to continue moving the needle. Nobody is there to push you to do better so you have to find ways to push yourself. And it’s also important to remember that what works for one person in the community might not work for the next. Every day, business owners should ask themselves what makes them want to get up and do more. It’s the fuel that gets you to the Zone of Excellence, that place where your best work happens. Identify what motivates you and make time for it every day.

Listen to the full interview here or tune in to Rounding the Bases every Monday and Thursday, available wherever you get your podcasts.

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